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The new AGIS OBD/CAN is both compliant with the new CAN protocols and the older one ISO  ISO 9141-2 .New software  with advanced algorithm for accurate calculating the injection time of the gas injectors.

The advantage of this controller is the fast processor with a frequency of 120 MHz, the ability to perfectly calibrate the gas directly from the trims of the petrol computer, continuous OBD connection and automatic adjustment of injection time in real time for each cylinder separately. There is adaptation of the impulse for the gas injector management every 5 seconds through the OBD connection.

Digital filtering of all input signals. Ability to collect setup data during driving, without having to be connected to a portable computer. Automatic detection of the control type of the petrol injectors. Automatic correction of the time of injection according to pressure and temperature of the evaporated gas.

The algorithms used to handle the gas injectors make it possible for this controller to be compliant with HEMI engines (deactivating cylinders during the working process of the engine), Valvetronic (engines with constant manifold)used by BMW andPSA, as well as engines where there is differences in injection time among the different cylinders (Subaru).


New algorithm for turbo engines where there is continuous injection of petrol at high revs, after chip tuning.


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