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Tomasetto Alaska AT 09

Tomasetto Alaska AT 09

100% made in Italy
Tomasetto LPG pressure reducer, model AT09, is an electronic single stage reducer, suitable for sequential injection systems. Compact and reliable, it is homologated in accordance with the European Regulation ECE 67R-01.
This reducer is equipped with a solenoid valve and an integrated filter unit at its inlet, in order to reduce the overall costs and permit an easier and faster installation.
Outlet pressure is adjustable from 0.09 to 0.18 MPa (pressures calculated with the reducer disconnected from the engine).
Dimensions:  120x125x105 mm
Max inlet pressure: 3 MPa (30 bar)
Outlet pressure: adjustable from 90 to 180 kPa
Engine power: up to 90 kW
LPG Flow rate: up to 25 kg/h


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Model AT09 ALASKA version is the most popular verion of AT09 family; it is equipped with a post-heating stage, and it is suitable for medium-sized engines (up to about 90 KW).

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